Launch of IndieGogo for our new anthology!

Hi all!

We are VERY excited to announce plans for our new anthology! It is provisionally titled: “One Beat Zines presents: Performance” and is, as you might be able to tell, themed around performance.


Just like with out first anthology, Double Dare Ya, we are running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign – this time to also raise enough money to pay every contributor a page rate, as well as printing costs. Here’s all the info:

What We Need The £2000 For

As we wrote in our end-of-year blog in 2015, we are only planning to take on big anthology book projects if we can raise enough not just for printing, but also to pay our contributors. The £2000 we are asking for will encompass the printing of 200 copies of an A5 (or similarly-sized) book – and a page rate of £50 for artists, as well as a page rate of £30 for writers.

The Book

The book will be themed around gender, performance, and performativity and will be printed similarly to our last anthology, Identity – on nice matte recycled card and paper stock and will run to approximately 80 pages. It will include a mix of comics, illustration, photography and essays, which brings us to the most exciting part…


The Artists & Writers

Confirmed so far are:

Amber Hsu (illustrator/artist/writer/writer of one-pound-poems)

Amneet Johal (artist/zine-maker/member of the Alternative Press)

Bridget Meyne (comic artist/illustrator)

Bethan Mure (comic artist/illustrator)

Brigid Deacon (comic artist /illustrator)

Carta Monir (comic artist/illustrator)

Hannah K. Chapman (comic artist/co-founder of Comic Book Slumber Party)

Higu Rose (comic artist/illustrator)

Julia Scheele (comic artist/illustrator/co-founder of One Beat)

Julie Rose Bower (performance maker/installation artist)

Jordana Globerman (illustrator/zine-maker)

Katie West (photographer/writer)

Marja de Sanctis (illustrator/zine-maker)

Meg-John Barker (writer/therapist/activist academic)

NotCathi (comics artist/illustrator)

Sabba Khan (spatial designer/artist)

Sarah Broadhurst (co-founder of One Beat/zine-maker/all-round DIYer)

Tegan Anice (artist/illustrator)

Have a look in our gallery to see examples of everyone’s work!

The “I am Wotever” t-shirt in our Pitch Image illustration is a real-world thing from Wotever World and you can purchase it here.

If this sounds like something you might want on your bookshelves, please head to our IndieGogo page to contribute here!

It would be so great to make this new book while paying our artists and writers, so thank you in advance if you’re helping us make this possible. ❤

Julia + Sarah OBZ x

Beats issue one, and tons more new zines in store!

Hi all,

We have a ton of new zines in our online shop!

First off, here’s our new mini-anthology zine, Beats #1, which we put together for Small Press day at Gosh! Comics:


Featuring comics, illustrations, photographs and writing by:Jess Milton
Hannah K. Chapman
Rachel Nelson
Julia Scheele
Jordana Globerman
Bethan Mure
Marja de Sanctis
Sammy Borras
Cherry Styles
Sarah Broadhurst
Meg-John Barker
Kristyna Baczynski

Buy Beats #1 (£3) here!

Next up, this beautiful and lyrical art zine by Marina Botelho has come to us all the way from Portugal!


You can see more work on Marina’s instagram here: @marina.not.maria

Buy Good Girls Rot, Bad Girls Too (£4) here!

Then, we have Girl Love, issue 4! An A5 colour zine for & by self-identifying girls everywhere, to support each other and tackle internalised sexism – packed full of collage, photography, poetry, and more!


Follow Girl Love on Twitter here:@girllovezine

Buy Girl Love #4 (£4) here!

And finally, A List Of All My Ex-Stepdads by Jessica Leach:


“My mum confessed to me once that she thought she was a commitment-phobe, like Chandler Bing from Friends.”

Jessica takes us on a wry and very funny journey detailing the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of a string of stepdads. You can see more of Jessica’s work here!

Buy A List Of All My Ex-Stepdads (£4) here! 

We also had a whale of a time at Small Press Day – thanks to everyone who came up to say hi! Photos taken by the excellent Mauricio Molizane De Souza.




Love from

Team OBZ x

Identity – now sold out & profits donated!

Hi all,

Here’s an update on our Identity Anthology profit – which all went to charity! It was a small print-run but nevertheless, we raised some good money for The Feminist Library and The Albert Kennedy Trust.


Our total profit after printing of £509.74, split equally between both charities!



Thanks so much to everyone who bought a copy, and extra special huge thanks to our wonderful contributors for helping make this happen!

Team OBZ x

News, news, news

Well, it’s been a hell of a depressing few days, to put it mildly. As Sarah posted over our Twitter yesterday, now more than ever is the time to look out for and support causes that will need it in the future, as uncertain as it is going to be for all of us – for me and other EU nationals resident in the UK, for the working class which will suffer the most from the oncoming recession, and especially for POC in the UK who will have to bear the brunt of anti-immigration sentiments and racism.

Other places you can help:
Support your LGBT friends and younger LGBT people:
Support your Irish female friends and women from Ireland:

The UK might become a difficult place to be an artist and to fund yourself making art, but nevertheless, we prevail, so here is some long-awaited news:



This is a beautifully put together little package of awesomeness by Jenny Robins, featuring three zines and a poster:

1. What Birds Are Really Thinking – a colourful and humorous collection of the deepest and darkest thoughts inside those bird brains,

2. Real TV Wisdom #1 – “An ongoing, on and off project where I draw from Television, capturing moments of pure wisdom, issuing unscripted from the mouths of celebrities and would be celebrities alike.”,

3. Because You’re Worth It (Again) – Collages of found words and images to make you feel amazing about yourself,

4. A beautiful, fold-out feminist-themed poster!

(Plus, there’s a little voucher in there for 10% off Live Portrait Commissions by Jenny!)

Secondly, Sarah has made this little thing of delicious wonder:


This zine is packed full of delicious sandwich recipes, plus thoughts and haikus about sandwiches. What more do you need?

Sarah packed us the feta, aubergine pickle and avocado sandwich at the last comic event we were at and it tasted SO AMAZING that I took a picture of it. Buy this zine if you want to make your lunches an even better part of your day!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 14.19.12

And, back in stock, one of mine:


I Wished I Was Married To The Sea is a collection of comics, illustrations, and sketches – there’s a review of it on The Quietus here.

There are more things coming, so, as usual, keep yer eyes peeled.


Last Saturday, we were at CECAF, the Crouch End Cartoon and Arts Festival. We had a lovely time, extra thanks to Sean Azzopardi for organising it! Here’s a picture of our faces for proof that we were there:


On Saturday, the 9th of July, we will be at Gosh! Comics in London for Small Press Day! We are currently working very hard to get a new thing done for it. We’re on from 4pm to 5pm to sell zines and have a chat!

small press day

We will also be tabling at Safari Festival in London on the 27th of August – Safari is put on by the excellent Breakdown Press and a great showcase of contemporary comics. Come!


We will also, as ever, be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this November. This time, we’re tabling with our pals from Eliza Agar Press!


It’s in the works, it’s happening! Planning stages have well and truly begun. We are hoping to raise enough money for it to be printed in time for Thought Bubble and for us to pay all our contributors, so please, watch out for the crowdfunding/pre-order campaign we will be launching soon!

That’s it for now. Please keep well and safe, and be kind to each other out there.

Julia + Sarah

OBZ – our first year, a break, and changes for 2016!

Hi all,

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed, helped with, and wrote about One Beat Zines since we started up just over a year ago! It’s been tons more successful than we hoped, and we’re really happy about all our wonderful contributors (and super proud of our new anthology, which has already started making money for the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Feminist Library!).

We attended ten different events all across the UK in 2015 and sold a LOT of zines through our online shop to all over the world. We had tons of fun doing this, OF COURSE, but as we’re doing this on the side to our day jobs we have decided to take a couple of months off OBZ and to return again, well-rested, new, and stronger, in 2016! This will give us time not only to recuperate but also to look at what worked, what didn’t work, and how to improve and where to go next.

One of the biggest changes we already decided is that from 2016 on, we will sadly have to start taking 10% commission on distro zine sales – to help us cover travelling and tabling costs, mainly, but also to help us set aside a day a week to deal with emails, social media, shop orders, logging sales, sending payments, printing anthologies & merch, and packing & posting. The distro-ing of zines is a busy but sadly not a profitable business, and this way we don’t leave ourselves completely out of pocket or terribly stressed! Hopefully this will contribute to running a much smoother and more efficient OBZ for everyone involved.

We’ve got lots of plans and new things in the works, so please keep an eye out in 2016 for announcements and the like!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year from us,

Team OBZ (Sarah + Julia)


OBZ presents: Identity – *PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE!*

Hello gang!

We are SUPER excited and SUPER proud to announce or third anthology since we started One Beat Zines almost EXACTLY one year ago:

Identity Cover
Cover art by Julia Scheele

“Identity” is a book full of varied and diverse female voices writing and/or drawing about who they are, how they see themselves and how they feel placed in the world at large – featuring over 80 pages of personal essays, illustration, photography, comics, interviews, and collage work, printed on lovely recycled, uncoated textured paper. And it is now available for pre-order in our shop!

Identity Press Release

We have as many as thirty-three amazing contributors for this book – including, for example:

Hannah K. Chapman, co-founder of Comic Book Slumber Party,
Stephanie Phillips, music blogger and singer in feminist punk band Big Joanie,
Cherry Styles, the artist and zinester behind Synchronise Witches and The Chapess,
Samya Arif, a feminist illustrator from Pakistan (profiled in VICE a while ago back here),
Jordana Globerman, Marja de Sanctis, and Hannah Prebble, the girls behind our best-selling zine Pink Spex (there’s a great write-up in Dazed here),
Sabba Khan and Amneet Johal, who are two of the wonderful people behind the Alternative Press Fair,
Amazingly talented illustrators like Eleni Kalorkoti, Kelsey Wroten and Laura Callaghan,
Comics heroes Jess Milton (Broken Frontier’s), Sammy Borras, Lizz Lunney, Liz Greenfield,
and many, many more!

Extract from an illustration by Kelsey Wroten

£10 + p&p
A5 with a spine, 80+ pages, full colour
Cover printed on 300gsm recycled, uncoated card
Insides printed on 100gsm recycled, uncoated paper

The book will premiere at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds on November 14th, 2015, and mailed out to pre-order customers by early December (in time for Christmas!).

Samya Arif
Extract from an illustration by Samya Arif


Profits will be evenly split between The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment, and The Feminist Library in London, who are a registered charity run by volunteers since 1975 and are currently looking for a new home due to being priced out of Elephant & Castle.

So please help us raise as much money for these great charities as possible – pre-order your copy now, and tell all your friends!

Extract from a comic by Sammy Borras
Extract from a comic by Sammy Borras
Extract from a comic by Sabba Khan
Extract from a comic by Sabba Khan
Extract from an illustration by Eleni Kalorkoti
Extract from an illustration by Eleni Kalorkoti

Watch this space for more updates and previews – and if you have any questions, shoot us an email at onebeatpublishing [at] gmail [dot] com, or shout at us on Twitter!


Team OBZ x

New limited zine in stock and events news!

Hey all!

Just a few updates on new things happening with One Beat – first off, we have some very limited quantities of the beautiful screen printed and risographed Girl Zine in stock here. Only a couple or so left!



Secondly, Julia is going to be at the Montague Arms on the 15th of August with One Beat stock for this event –



– a benefit show to raise money for Survivors UK. From their website: “the UK’s largest charity offering direct support to male survivors of sexual violence. Survivors UK has had £70,000 cut by the Mayor of London, and is facing closure in September if funding is not found from another source.” So come along and help avoid the closure!

And of course we’re going to be at Safari Festival this year, an event put one by our awesome pals at Breakdown Press, who offer the finest of alternative comics in the UK these days. And just look at this flyer:

Sarah and I will also be DJing the after party. We promise to not play Buffalo Stance on repeat (probably).

We’ve also had the first contributions for the new anthology trickle into our inbox – there will be more announcements around that soon!

More stuff in the works as always, so keep an eye on this blog!

Julia + Sarah x