Welcome to One Beat and the launch of Double Dare Ya: A Riot Grrrl Inspired Super Zine

Hello! Welcome to the first post on the One Beat Zine Collective website!


When I first had the idea to put together a Riot Grrrl zine, I soon realised that it was a massive job which I could barely do on on my own – thankfully, my most excellent friend Sarah Broadhurst offered her help, and pretty much saved my life on this. Which gave us the idea to form this collective – both Sarah and I are passionate about many of the same things, above all feminism, music and comics, so, here we are, as One Beat Zines!

Our aim is to publish cheap-and-cheerful zines, by us and by others with something to say, whether it’s in the form of comics, essays, photography, poetry, fiction, collage, or any other medium that comes to mind. We’re particularly interested in working with women of all ages and backgrounds who are not already established in the current comics and zine scenes! We have lots of other plans for the future, too, including taking our stuff to zine fairs and shows around the country, doing workshops, and producing regular themed anthologies, like Double Dare Ya – the first book with the One Beat bear on it. So, without further rambling:


One Beat is proud to present Double Dare Ya, a full-colour anthology featuring comics, illustrations, essays, and interviews about and inspired by Riot Grrrl, zine culture, and punk-rock feminism! Contributors range from UK and international comics artists and illustrators, poets, to journalists/writer. The cover is by Donya Todd, and the book has beautiful end papers designed by Kristyna Baczynski. Plus there’s 38-mm badges by Donya Todd, Laura Callaghan, Katie Skelly, Lucie Ebrey and Sammy Borras! You’ll find a full list of contributors at the end of the post.






The first 250 copies of the book include one random Hot Topic trading card out of 57, based on the names mentioned in the song Hot Topic by Le Tigre – the cards are all illustrated by different artists and were put together by Steven Walsh and Hannah K. Chapman.

The book is in A4, has 66 pages, retails at £12, and will be available first at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, on the 15th and 16th of November (we’ll be at Table 144 in New Dock Hall – come say hi!) – after that, we’ll have copies to sell at our London Launch party (featuring bands and Djs!) at the Shacklewell Arms on Tuesday, the 25th of November – and after that, we’ll set up and online store with everything that’s left! There’s a Facebook event for the London launch here, if FB is how you roll. You can listen here to Actual Crimes, and here to Big Joanie!


Thanks for reading – we hope you’re as excited about this as we are, and to see you at Thought Bubble or the launch party!


PS: Here’s the full list of contributors:



Full list of Hot Topic Trading Card Artists (and their subjects):

  1. Carol Rama – Susannah Pal
  2. Eleanor Antin – Death Instinct
  3. Yoko Ono – Lizz Lunney
  4. Carolee Schneemann – Katerina Konstantara
  5. Gretchen Phillips – Ellen Lindner
  6. Cibo Matto – Jessica Penfold
  7. Leslie Feinburg – Kirsten McCrea
  8. Faith Ringgold – Rose Bousamra
  9. Mr. Lady – Hannah K. Chapman
  10. Laura Cottingham – Lucie Ebrey
  11. Mab Segrest – Paul Shinn
  12. The Butchies – Charlie Kirkham
  13. Tammy Rae Carland – Kiera Jamison
  14. Sleater-Kinney – Sally-Anne Hickman
  15. Vivienne Dick – Julia Scheele
    16. Lorraine O’Grady – Elliot Baggott
    17. Gayatri Spivak – Mike Medaglia
    18. Angela Davis – Jessica Martin
    19. Laurie Weeks – Rosie Lea
    20. Dorothy Allison – Sarah Broadhurst
    21. Gertrude Stein – John Riordan
    22. Marlon Riggs – Woodrow Phoenix
  16. Billie Jean King – Elizabeth Querstret
    24. Ut – Hannah Lee Miller
    25. DJ Kuttin Kandy – Jo Pink
  17. David Wojnarowicz – Sina Sparrow
    27. Melissa York – Joe Decie
  18. Nina Simone – Sian Schiaparelli
  19. Ann Peebles – Keara Stewart
    30. Tami Hart – Luis Tolosana
    31. The Slits – Anna Dowsland
    32. Hanin Elias – Tom Humberstone
    33. Hazel Dickens – Richard Smith
  20. Cathy Sissler – Kassiya Redraven
    35. Shirley Muldowney – Robin Henley
    36. Urvashi Vaid – Justyna Burzynska
  21. Valie Export – Chris Young
  22. Cathy Opie – Daniel De Sosa
  23. James Baldwin – Nick Jobbings
  24. Diane Dimassa – Rachael House
  25. Aretha Franklin – Katriona Chapman
    42. Joan Jett – Rosie Fletcher
  26. Mia X – Sajan Rai
    44. Krystal Wakem – Marta Zdulska
    45. Kara Walker – Rachael Smith
    46. Justin Bond – Korinna Veropoulou
  27. Bridget Irish – Oliver O’Keefe
    48. Juliana Lueking – John Miers
    49. Cecelia Dougherty – Kiye Redraven
  28. Ariel Schrag – Jess Milton
    51. The Need – Shane Melisse
    52. Vaginal Creme Davis – Woodrow Phoenix
  29. Alice Gerard – Wallis Eates
    54. Billy Tipton – Matthew Duncan
    55. Julie Doucet – Sally-Anne Hickman
    56. Yayoi Kusama – Charlotte Kaye
  30. Eileen Myles – Babak Ganjei