New Zine in Stock, More Events Confirmed!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new zine in stock in our store – it’s called Margin, Issue One, is edited by Alia Wilhelm, themed around Inspiration and is an all-colourful collection of writing, recipes, drawings, and photography. The cover is gorgeous – have a look:






It’s £4.50, and there’s a version with a mix CD to listen to while baking which is £5.00.

We will have copies of Margin and of everything else currently not sold out in our shop at the DIY Cultures Fair in East London this Sunday – can’t wait to see you there!


Plus, we’ll be tabling at CECAF in Crouch End on the 6th of June!



We’ve also just confirmed that we’ll be making an appearance at the rad-as-hell Fan Club Nottingham, a monthly club night and zine, at the Nottingham Rough Trade Store on the evening of the 4th of July. We’ll be selling zines, and there will be bands and all kinds of stuff – more details soon!

We’re currently putting together information on our next big anthology to come out in time for Thought Bubble in November – so far I can reveal that it will be themed around “Identity”. More info on that coming real soon, too!

Julia + Sarah x