Beats issue one, and tons more new zines in store!

Hi all,

We have a ton of new zines in our online shop!

First off, here’s our new mini-anthology zine, Beats #1, which we put together for Small Press day at Gosh! Comics:


Featuring comics, illustrations, photographs and writing by:Jess Milton
Hannah K. Chapman
Rachel Nelson
Julia Scheele
Jordana Globerman
Bethan Mure
Marja de Sanctis
Sammy Borras
Cherry Styles
Sarah Broadhurst
Meg-John Barker
Kristyna Baczynski

Buy Beats #1 (£3) here!

Next up, this beautiful and lyrical art zine by Marina Botelho has come to us all the way from Portugal!


You can see more work on Marina’s instagram here: @marina.not.maria

Buy Good Girls Rot, Bad Girls Too (£4) here!

Then, we have Girl Love, issue 4! An A5 colour zine for & by self-identifying girls everywhere, to support each other and tackle internalised sexism – packed full of collage, photography, poetry, and more!


Follow Girl Love on Twitter here:@girllovezine

Buy Girl Love #4 (£4) here!

And finally, A List Of All My Ex-Stepdads by Jessica Leach:


“My mum confessed to me once that she thought she was a commitment-phobe, like Chandler Bing from Friends.”

Jessica takes us on a wry and very funny journey detailing the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of a string of stepdads. You can see more of Jessica’s work here!

Buy A List Of All My Ex-Stepdads (£4) here! 

We also had a whale of a time at Small Press Day – thanks to everyone who came up to say hi! Photos taken by the excellent Mauricio Molizane De Souza.




Love from

Team OBZ x

OBZ presents: Identity – *PRE-ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE!*

Hello gang!

We are SUPER excited and SUPER proud to announce or third anthology since we started One Beat Zines almost EXACTLY one year ago:

Identity Cover
Cover art by Julia Scheele

“Identity” is a book full of varied and diverse female voices writing and/or drawing about who they are, how they see themselves and how they feel placed in the world at large – featuring over 80 pages of personal essays, illustration, photography, comics, interviews, and collage work, printed on lovely recycled, uncoated textured paper. And it is now available for pre-order in our shop!

Identity Press Release

We have as many as thirty-three amazing contributors for this book – including, for example:

Hannah K. Chapman, co-founder of Comic Book Slumber Party,
Stephanie Phillips, music blogger and singer in feminist punk band Big Joanie,
Cherry Styles, the artist and zinester behind Synchronise Witches and The Chapess,
Samya Arif, a feminist illustrator from Pakistan (profiled in VICE a while ago back here),
Jordana Globerman, Marja de Sanctis, and Hannah Prebble, the girls behind our best-selling zine Pink Spex (there’s a great write-up in Dazed here),
Sabba Khan and Amneet Johal, who are two of the wonderful people behind the Alternative Press Fair,
Amazingly talented illustrators like Eleni Kalorkoti, Kelsey Wroten and Laura Callaghan,
Comics heroes Jess Milton (Broken Frontier’s), Sammy Borras, Lizz Lunney, Liz Greenfield,
and many, many more!

Extract from an illustration by Kelsey Wroten

£10 + p&p
A5 with a spine, 80+ pages, full colour
Cover printed on 300gsm recycled, uncoated card
Insides printed on 100gsm recycled, uncoated paper

The book will premiere at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds on November 14th, 2015, and mailed out to pre-order customers by early December (in time for Christmas!).

Samya Arif
Extract from an illustration by Samya Arif


Profits will be evenly split between The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment, and The Feminist Library in London, who are a registered charity run by volunteers since 1975 and are currently looking for a new home due to being priced out of Elephant & Castle.

So please help us raise as much money for these great charities as possible – pre-order your copy now, and tell all your friends!

Extract from a comic by Sammy Borras
Extract from a comic by Sammy Borras
Extract from a comic by Sabba Khan
Extract from a comic by Sabba Khan
Extract from an illustration by Eleni Kalorkoti
Extract from an illustration by Eleni Kalorkoti

Watch this space for more updates and previews – and if you have any questions, shoot us an email at onebeatpublishing [at] gmail [dot] com, or shout at us on Twitter!


Team OBZ x

New Anthology Announcement!

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce that One Beat Zines have started working on putting together a new anthology in time for Thought Bubble this November!

The anthology will be based around the theme of Identity and will be an A5 collection of writing, artwork and comics by a variety of amazing and talented women.


Contributors so far include:

Samya Arif (illustrator based in Karachi, Pakistan)
Sarah Broadhurst (archivist and One Beat co-founder)
Hannah K Chapman (writer, artist, and co-founder of Comic Book Slumber Party)
Jordana Globerman (illustrator and co-creator of Pink Spex)
Amneet Johal (artist and member of Alternative Press)
Eleni Kalorkoti (illustrator)
Sabba Khan (artist and member of Alternative Press)
Hanuka Lohrengel (illustrator based in Riga, Latvia and creator of Sea World 2.0)
Lizz Lunney (illustrator and comics artist)
Jess Milton (illustrator, comics artist and creator of The Flying Ship zine)
Stephanie Phillips (journalist and guitarist & singer in the band Big Joanie)
Hannah Prebble (illustrator and co-creator of Pink Spex)
Marja de Sanctis (illustrator and co-creator of Pink Spex)
Julia Scheele (illustrator and One Beat co-founder)
Donya Todd (illustrator and co-founder of Comic Book Slumber Party, co-founder of Chubby)
Alia Wilhelm (illustrator, photographer, journalist, editor of Margin)
Kelsey Wroten (illustrator based in Kansas City, USA)

With more to be announced soon!

Instead of a crowdfunding campaign, we will be funding the printing of this anthology through pre-orders from our online shop. We’ll let you know here and on our Twitter when those get started!

One Beat Zines is a small press, DIY zine collective that operates out of our bedrooms, and so the printing of the book will be funded through pre-orders taken through the One Beat Zines BigCartel shop. The printers used will be Inky Little FingersAll profit made from the book after printing and postage will be distributed as follows: 50% of the profits after printing and postage will go to The Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports young LGBT 16-25 year olds who are made homeless or living in a hostile environment, with the other 50% going to The Feminist Library in London, who are a registered charity run by volunteers since 1975 and are currently looking for a new home due to being priced out of Elephant & Castle.

We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Julia + Sarah


There’s three new contributors! And they’re as rad as rad comes:

Kristyna Baczynski (illustrator)
Laura Callaghan (illustrator)
Pip Williams (journalist)

New Zine in Stock, More Events Confirmed!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a new zine in stock in our store – it’s called Margin, Issue One, is edited by Alia Wilhelm, themed around Inspiration and is an all-colourful collection of writing, recipes, drawings, and photography. The cover is gorgeous – have a look:






It’s £4.50, and there’s a version with a mix CD to listen to while baking which is £5.00.

We will have copies of Margin and of everything else currently not sold out in our shop at the DIY Cultures Fair in East London this Sunday – can’t wait to see you there!


Plus, we’ll be tabling at CECAF in Crouch End on the 6th of June!



We’ve also just confirmed that we’ll be making an appearance at the rad-as-hell Fan Club Nottingham, a monthly club night and zine, at the Nottingham Rough Trade Store on the evening of the 4th of July. We’ll be selling zines, and there will be bands and all kinds of stuff – more details soon!

We’re currently putting together information on our next big anthology to come out in time for Thought Bubble in November – so far I can reveal that it will be themed around “Identity”. More info on that coming real soon, too!

Julia + Sarah x

Happy New Year! Call For Submissions! Sleater-Kinney Zine!

After a little bit of a break over the holidays and a slow start to January, we’re wading right back into One Beat business – so without much ramble, here’s a few news items for you:

1. One Beat Zines Call For Submissions

Our first call for submissions is now open! Before we go into any more details, here are the guidelines as to what we offer: if you submit something we’re interested in, we will give help and guidance with layout, design, and readying your zine for print, and we’ll offer free distribution over our One Beat Online Shop and any zine fairs, festivals and conventions we attend. You would be covering your printing costs yourself, but we won’t take any commission for selling your zines over our site (and we can recommend printers or methods for home printing – we want to add a resources part to our website with advice for people new to self-publishing soon). We’ll add reasonable packing and postage costs to the retail price of your zine so no-one ends up out of pocket. All the money we make off of the retail price of your zine goes back to you.

We’re looking for submissions primarily by women who are new to the scene and whose work we find interesting and/or challenging. So far we are already planning on taking on two different projects, one with a political and one with an academic theme. We are only looking for a few extra ones to take on at the moment, the exact number depending on the submissions we receive. We are a feminist zine collective, but not all submissions have to be explicitly political in nature.

If you are a writer and not an artist, we can try to put you in touch with illustrators who might be interested. Of course feel free to bring on board any illustrator you already know and want to work with – we’re open (and very much welcome and encourage) collaborations!

Email us at with your ideas – we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

2. Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities To Love Zine

How excited are we about Sleater-Kinney touring again??? As you might have realised from our name, VERY excited (One Beat is a S-K song and album, what do you mean you don’t know it, go on out there look them up and give them a listen, chop chop). So excited that we are *basically* following the band across the UK so we can make the most out of this wonderful news. This isn’t sad in any way, but a cool thing to do, promise.

Aaaanyway, in celebration of the release of No Cities To Love, we’re throwing together a little anthology all about the new album. We’ve already got our contributors and we’re just working on the deadline and printing details now. Hopefully it’ll be out sometime in March!

3. Zine Fairs across the UK in 2015

Information pending as most fairs for this year haven’t been announced yet. We’ll definitely try to make it to the most popular ones in London and we’ll try out new ones, too. We’ll definitely, definitely apply to our favourite convention, Thought Bubble in Leeds, which takes place every November (it’s still a way off). The only thing we’ve got on the books so far is a small press fair in Newcastle in April, at which we will be exhibiting and doing a talk/Q&A around Double Dare Ya – details to follow soon! You can follow us on Twitter at @onebeatzines to be up on all the latest news and gossip.

That’s it for now – we’re very excited about your emails and there will be new and even more exciting things to announce soon. Thanks for following our work so far and we hope your 2015 turns out as rad as ours is shaping up to be. ❤

The One Beat Team