Refugee Action UK Donation


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It’s not much in the grander scale of things, but hopefully it’ll be a tiny help: I’ve donated £210, which is 50% of the profits from the set of prints/badges/stickers I made last year to Refugee Action UK! They’re a great organisation giving support and practical advice to refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK; tackling poverty and homelessness and also giving guidance to local authorities who participate in resettlement schemes. Here’s what they have to say:

Your donation will help us welcome vulnerable families like Ban’s, with the life-changing support they so desperately need when they arrive in the UK. When she arrived in the UK confused and terrified, people like you made sure Ban wasn’t standing alone. Refugee Action helped her learn English, find a home, and a school for her daughters.

Thanks to gifts like yours and the support from Refugee Action, Ban began to remember what it was like to see the goodness in people – and to see the UK as a place of kindness.

Refugee Action is a community of big-hearted people. Together we’re defending the UK’s proud tradition of welcoming people fleeing war, persecution, violence and harassment – and there are so many ways to help.

So really – thanks so much to everyone who has bought a print or a badge and sticker set, you’re all stars. And if you’ve missed out on the prints, you can still go to their website and donate a little something if you want to help out! ❤

Julia OBZ x