One Beat Zines Hiatus

Hi all,

Julia is moving from London to Glasgow this summer and we’re putting One Beat on hiatus for the rest of the year – you may have noticed the online shop is already in maintenance mode!

We WILL be at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds on the 23rd and 24th of September, sharing a table with Comic Book Slumber Party! We’ll have copies of Performance, a few leftover things from our distro and maybe a little zine or two that’s new.

We’re going to use the hiatus to figure out what to do next – we loved being a distro and enjoyed putting together our anthologies, but in terms of time and money it’s been hard to manage over the last year or so! So we sadly won’t take submissions any more. We are thinking of re-forming as an art and zine collective that produces more curated books and merch, but we’ll see all that when we’re back in 2018! Thanks so much for all of your support so far, we’ve been blown away by it.

See you at Thought Bubble and then again in 2018!

Team OBZ x