Double Dare Ya now free on Issuu

Hi all,

Here’s a little present to all our followers and readers – since it’s been over a year since Double Dare Ya (our first ever anthology about Riot Grrrl) has sold out, we decided to make a lo-res copy of it available for free on Issuu. Re-printing is, unfortunately, expensive, but at the same time it makes no sense for the PDF to just sit on our hard drive, unread and unloved, when we had so many questions on whether the book would be available digitally.

Since the new VAT laws on digital content across Europe, it is unfortunately impossible for us to offer digital copies for sale in our online shop. Instead, we decided to wait for a year after something has sold out – and to make it available to the public. We’d rather people are able to enjoy and read our books, and also aware that shipping to foreign countries can be extremely pricey. This way, our work (albeit a year or two after it was made) will be able to reach a wider audience. Not A New Wave, our Sleater-Kinney fanzine and second publication, will be available on Issuu around December this year.

Without further ado, here it is – Double Dare Ya, A Riot Grrrl-inspired Super Zine!


Team OBZ x