OBZ – our first year, a break, and changes for 2016!

Hi all,

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed, helped with, and wrote about One Beat Zines since we started up just over a year ago! It’s been tons more successful than we hoped, and we’re really happy about all our wonderful contributors (and super proud of our new anthology, which has already started making money for the Albert Kennedy Trust and the Feminist Library!).

We attended ten different events all across the UK in 2015 and sold a LOT of zines through our online shop to all over the world. We had tons of fun doing this, OF COURSE, but as we’re doing this on the side to our day jobs we have decided to take a couple of months off OBZ and to return again, well-rested, new, and stronger, in 2016! This will give us time not only to recuperate but also to look at what worked, what didn’t work, and how to improve and where to go next.

One of the biggest changes we already decided is that from 2016 on, we will sadly have to start taking 10% commission on distro zine sales – to help us cover travelling and tabling costs, mainly, but also to help us set aside a day a week to deal with emails, social media, shop orders, logging sales, sending payments, printing anthologies & merch, and packing & posting. The distro-ing of zines is a busy but sadly not a profitable business, and this way we don’t leave ourselves completely out of pocket or terribly stressed! Hopefully this will contribute to running a much smoother and more efficient OBZ for everyone involved.

We’ve got lots of plans and new things in the works, so please keep an eye out in 2016 for announcements and the like!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year from us,

Team OBZ (Sarah + Julia)